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Here's a direct link to the DiversiTree.Wales Virtual Gallery: https://bit.ly/34LsRzG Allow a minute or so for it to load (depending on your bandwidth). If you take the virtual tour, it will take you automatically around the different sections of the gallery.

I have found that the gallery works best if you use the Chrome browser on a computer. ...

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Mindful Interlude

Mindful Interlude – Washing Up

I set about the chore of washing up

And squirted the soapy liquid ...

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Some would say that social media is a necessary evil, and perhaps for some it is. Whether we like it or not it is a very significant part of everything related to us. We have justified concerns about the violation of privacy and the influence of technology, particularly on the young. However, the flip side of social media is its power to include ...

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Flight to Freedom

Mixed media woodcut:

The image is set within a rough wooden block. Varied twists of rope and twine hang down like bars across the face and body. The centre rope hangs loose suggesting the possibilities of positive transformational ...

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This website’s blog will provide an opportunity to discuss the core themes presented in the virtual gallery and website and will contain posts which deal with different topics of community interest. This creative arts and cultural space is intended to provide an intersectional meeting place where writers, artists and the broader public can engage ...

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