Eve Howard

My connectivity with nature and the arts began in early childhood. I would often escape from the experience of feeling different and marginalised as an outsider in a world I was too young to comprehend. Off I would go into the quietness of the countryside to contemplate and scribble away the thoughts of the day. These moments where I lost count of time became etched into my mind as a happy and healthy interactive space. There I found peace and harmony in the beauty and chaos of the natural world, as I sought to make comparisons between human relationships, diversity and life experience.

This immersive experiential journey captured a sense of curiosity and took me on a voyage of self-discovery in relation to the complexity of human nature and the human condition. It was to underpin subsequent studies as I explored issues connected with social inclusion, communities and conflict. This informed my lifestyle, work experience, and belief in the natural environment and the arts as keys to open the doors to positive action and change.

I believe that the creative arts belong to everyone and we shouldn’t hold back from immersing ourselves in that which we love to create. Recently I delved deeper into the phenomenon of trees in relation to fungi, mycelia, and their integration within the whole ecosystem of the “Wood Wired Web”. This fascination took me on a journey which will be explored in greater depth on this website and its blog.

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