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Here's a reflection based on photos of the River Towy. You'll find more photos and poems on the main website.

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DiversiTree.Wales Video

Immerse yourself in lockdown. Take a walk on the virtual beach: this is my Jellyfish video montage from the project via @YouTube. I'm fascinated by the strange beauty, colour and translucense of Jellyfish. Their bizzare forms and sinewy ...

Written by: | Posted on: YouTube Channel - now available. This contains all the videos from the Virtual Gallery and the website. It's taking a bit of time to get used to this technology, and I've some way to go! Thanks for all your feedback so far.

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Here's a direct link to the DiversiTree.Wales Virtual Gallery: Allow a minute or so for it to load (depending on your bandwidth). If you take the virtual tour, it will take you automatically around the different sections of the gallery.

I have found that the gallery works best if you use the Chrome browser on a computer. ...

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Mindful Interlude

Mindful Interlude – Washing Up

I set about the chore of washing up

And squirted the soapy liquid ...

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