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Greyfriars Bobby has been identified as a Dandie Dinmont, rather than a Skye Terrier. Apparently, touching Bobby’s nose will bring you good luck! That’s why he needs a re-spray. See the Guardian's story.

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Here's a post I was involved with. Ian McMillan retweeted(!).

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I was delighted to be part of Ysgol y Mynydd Du's "Our Cynefin Project", funded by the Arts Council of Wales. Thanks to Phil Okwedy, Kate Ocham, and all those involved. Special thanks to the fabulous pupils at the school. You can read all about the project here:

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As founder of, I was delighted to receive an award for Excellence in Creative Media at the Carmarthenshire Culture Awards on 8 March. It was particularly significant as the ceremony was on International Women's Day.

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Reaching for the Sky