Art - Flight to Freedom: Resilience, Vulnerability, and Self-Actualisation

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Flight to Freedom

Mixed media woodcut:

The image is set within a rough wooden block. Varied twists of rope and twine hang down like bars across the face and body. The centre rope hangs loose suggesting the possibilities of positive transformational shifts in personal circumstances. This piece intends to represent/reflect life’s variable challenges and constraints in the unfolding journey towards freedom, empowerment and self-actualisation. Flight to Freedom embodies the struggles of vulnerable people throughout the world, whoever or wherever they may be. It relates to global liberation, adaptability and resilience in the struggle against adversity, and achieving fulfilment and security in the passage of life. The captive mind can exist as a real or imagined state and may encompass physical, spiritual and emotional phenomena. It relates to individual freedoms, well-being and mental health.

The image can be found in the Art Gallery.