River Walk

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This morning my thoughts are busy and overwhelmed with the weight of questions that I hold no answers to. Most of them relate to time, where I am at, where I want to be, and the fulfilment of latent dreams. I quickly break the moment which will not lead me to where I want to get to. I assign myself the purpose of getting out of the house before I become too immersed in other non-fulfilling activities.

I walk along the length of the river, and with each step I lean into the atmospheric changes occurring within the space of the hour between 7 and 8 a.m. The canvas has changed, and the expansive misty grey blanket has given way to the wakening of the sun. A yellow sheen moves across the land and rippling water, tinting natural colour in the glinting rays.

In the tree lined space, I hear the squirrels rustling in the colourful foliage. I notice how they quickly scurry up and down and along the length and breadth of the trees, brush, and bracken. I notice how trees extend their limbs and branches, connecting with one another underground and overground as they create new connections and pathways. Squirrel, birds, and other small creatures are enabled in the purposeful quest of their existence.

On my walk I am caught and trapped in the spiders glistening silver web. My mind is at ease. I am lost in thought and leave all troubles behind.

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