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Some would say that social media is a necessary evil, and perhaps for some it is. Whether we like it or not it is a very significant part of everything related to us. We have justified concerns about the violation of privacy and the influence of technology, particularly on the young. However, the flip side of social media is its power to include and engage people whose opinion might never be heard. It enables us to stay in touch, especially in the current climate of social distancing and isolation. Prior to the start of this project I received phone calls from friends and others, regarding news items and videos prophesying doom and gloom and difficult times ahead. Some people sought out and absorbed every item of news relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and struggled to cope with what they heard.

After discussing the danger in this level of immersion and the plethora of fake news that was making the rounds, I knew I had a decision to make. I decided then and there that I would not subject myself to listening and replaying every news utterance and scenario expressed in social media. Upsetting news stories can sometimes immerse us within a zone of worry about things that might never happen. They can take us to places that aren’t always helpful and that we don’t always have to go to. It is so important at this challenging time that we find some balance and positivity where we can.

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