Virtual Gallery: DiversiTree.Wales

Gallery Design: Eve Howard & Llinos Jones

This gallery is created on Artsteps and is externally hosted. It can take several minutes to load. I've found some different ways of viewing the content:

Take the Guided Tour, and it will show you all of the gallery walls and content; you can then go back to individual pictures for a closer look.

There are embedded videos and poems - if you have bandwidth issues, then you'll also find the audio-visual material on this website.

Videos are also available on the DiversiTree.Wales YouTube Channel.

Finally, you can view the gallery using VR glasses if your system is enabled for that. And I have found that the Chrome browser seems to work best when touring the gallery.

Please allow a few minutes for the gallery to load (there's a lot to see!).

Enjoy! And let me know what you think! I'll be writing about this creative journey on my blog in due course.

Eve Howard

Virtual Gallery (Artsteps)

Narrated Virtual Tour

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All content © 2020 Eve Howard. All rights reserved.

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