About DiversiTree.Wales

DiversiTree.wales promotes building a socially inclusive and sustainable green recovery that celebrates and protects the ecosystem of biodiversity in humans and the natural world. This project is about making information accessible to non-specialist and specialist audiences. Valuing the distinct and diverse voices of lived experience within communities is key to addressing a green key recovery for all our citizens.

This website’s blog will provide an opportunity to discuss the core themes presented in the virtual gallery and website and will contain posts which deal with different topics of community interest. This creative arts and cultural space is intended to provide an intersectional meeting place where writers, artists and the broader public can engage and participate in a cultural information exchange on nature, arts, health and well-being. Using this lens, we can explore parallel relationships in nature and the similarities and differences involving communication, cohesion and conflict.

There is a strong correlation between spending time immersed within the natural environment's green spaces, which positively impacts on quality of life, resilience and emotional health and well-being for all. Connecting with nature is meditative, inspirational and transformative - and can lead to a positive state of mind and well-being which reaches deep into our sense of being and purpose in life.

About the Virtual Gallery

Originally the intention was to create an immersive open public exhibition. However, given the uncertain nature of events regarding the impact of COVID-19, this was not an option. Prior to lockdown I visited the Hayward Gallery exhibition ‘Among the Trees’. At about that time I recalled seeing a local news article mentioning the development of a virtual gallery. Immediately, I researched this and discovered Artsteps, and here it is, the virtual gallery. The gallery itself was a work of art in the making.

Llinos Jones (from Yr Egin) and I explored the Artsteps package. Together, we built the Diversitree.wales Artsteps Virtual Gallery walls, positioned my selected photographic images and audio-visual content, and worked out the order of presentation.

Later, I developed the website, the separate themed photo galleries, further audio-visual materials, and all other aspects of DiversiTree.wales. All content is listed on the Site Map.

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